Natural Docs 2.3 Release Candidate 1
August 23rd, 2023

It's been a while.  Time to wrap up the development releases and put something out, so I'm calling this one Release Candidate 1.  I think it's pretty much ready.

Dark Themes

I tied up all the loose ends on dark themes.  First, your theme choice will now be saved.  If you set it to Dark it will still be on Dark the next time you open your documentation.  It will also be preserved when you open new tabs or windows.

Second, I added options for Auto Light/Dark and Auto Light/Black.  If your browser and operating system support it, it lets the theme follow the system theme automatically.

I was really tempted to make Auto Light/Dark the default, but I think I should follow the Principle of Least Astonishment.  Otherwise someone can upgrade their version of Natural Docs and their documentation will look completely different without them expecting it, assuming they didn't read the release notes.  So Light remains the default.

Other Improvements
  • Better macOS Compatibility.  The SQLite binaries are now signed and notarized, so you shouldn't have issues with macOS blocking them saying the developer can't be verified.  They should just work without you needing to make an exception in the System Preferences.

  • HTML Modernization.  Just like SQL before it, SystemVerilog caused a big refactor of the prototype handling code due to how different it can be from other languages.  As a result, prototype output has been completely rebuilt using CSS's grid feature.  You shouldn't see any difference for 90% of your prototypes, though there will be improvements for some edge cases like C# indexers.

    As a result of switching to grid, the minimum browser requirements have been increased.  All the major browsers implemented grid support sometime in 2017, so it's still pretty conservative.  It just means no more Internet Explorer and no more pre-Chromium Edge.

  • Maximum Line Length.  This is something I've always been ambivalent about doing.  I've always liked text going to whatever window size you choose, but on an ultrawide monitor it does get kind of ridiculous.  So now there's a maximum line length for readability, but it only affects plain text.  If you have a really wide prototype, code block, or image it will still take as much horizontal space as it needs instead of forcing you to scroll.

    If you want to turn it off, make a custom style with this rule:

.CTopic p,
.CTopic li p,
table.CDefinitionList { max-width: none !important }
  • Other minor bugfixes and tweaks.

What About SystemVerilog?

Work has continued on it, but there's nothing worth showing yet, so the code will behave the same way it did in the previous release.  I'm not going to release a broken partial implementation.  Work on it chugged along for a while, then I got sidetracked by grid prototypes, plus a period where I didn't have much time to code at all, plus it now getting put on pause so I can wrap up this release.  Work will continue on it, but it won't be in 2.3.

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Natural Docs 2.3 Development Release 1: Dark ThemesNatural Docs 2.3 released: Dark Themes
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