Natural Docs 2.1 development release 2
April 11th, 2020

I got some more improvements for you:

  • Better support for Python.  Added support for function @decorators and improved syntax highlighting all around.

  • Basic support for Lua.  It's now included out of the box.  It has special code to support its --[==[ comment format.  It also permits using ]]-- as a closing comment symbol even though that's technically a closing comment followed by a line comment.  Some people like it for symmetry.

  • Performance improvements.  Updated the embedded SQLite from 3.13.0 to 3.31.1, which shaved 10% off the parsing and link resolving stages.

  • More behind the scenes refactoring.  As described in development release 1, I'm refactoring some of the change management code to make it easier to work with and clear the way for adding image support.  You shouldn't notice any changes, though this is a development release to make sure that's true.

  • Other minor tweaks.  Updated NUnit from 2.6.2 to 3.11.1.  Updated the application icon.  Fixed a bug when building Natural Docs to run SQLite in UTF-16 mode instead of UTF-8 mode.  Testing showed it was a wash, with speedups in some places being cancelled out by slowdowns in others.  The default continues to be UTF-8 since it takes up less space and memory.

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