Natural Docs 2.0.2 released
May 15th, 2018

I've been meaning to put out a feature release, but I've accumulated enough bug fixes since 2.0.1 that it's worth it to release them all without waiting for that.  So here's what's changed:

  • Better Linux compatibility.  Reduced the minimum glibc requirement from 2.14 to 2.2.5.  If you've gotten a System.DllNotFoundException about libNaturalDocs.​Engine.​SQLite.​Linux64.​so, this is what was causing it.

  • Better Mac compatibility.  Updated the zip files to allow subfolders to extract properly on Macs instead of sometimes becoming part of the file name.  I actually fixed this in February and silently reuploaded all the zip files on the site so this shouldn't have been an issue since then.

  • Various language fixes:

    • C#: Fixed crash when inheriting from both IList and IList<T>.

    • C#: Parse and highlight async and await keywords correctly.

    • C#: Support expression-bodied functions and properties.

    • C++: Prototype formatting will not get confused by ::globals.

    • Pascal/Delphi: Better support for pre-name modifiers like "const x: Integer".

    • Pascal/Delphi: Add support for type, property, and event prototypes.

    • Python: Add support for ''' and """ strings.  Also adds general support for opening and closing block comments being the same symbol.

    • SystemVerilog: Fixed crash with parameterized interfaces.

  • Bug fixes:

    • Very large projects: Fix crashing on very large projects.  SQLite could get overwhelmed by too many query parameters but I managed to work around it.

    • Database menu: Fixed an issue with the database menu not being generated correctly.

    • Internet Explorer: Fixed an issue with scrolling the menu in Internet Explorer.

    • Class Prototypes: Allow languages that do not use the class, struct, or interface keywords to still get class prototypes.

  • Better crash reports.  They include more information about what Natural Docs was doing when it crashed which will help me figure it out.

  • Minor tweaks. The project title is now a clickable link, which makes it a good ctrl/shift-click target for opening a new tab or window of the documentation.

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