Natural Docs 2.0.1, source, and MSI released
August 30th, 2017

This update fixes compatibility with macOS and some Linux distributions.  If Natural Docs wouldn't run and gave you an error about libNaturalDocs.​Engine.​SQLite32.​so, this will fix it.

Nothing's changed for Windows, but now there's an MSI installer to make installing and updating easier.  It will also create a Start menu shortcut to the bundled documentation.

The source code is available on GitHub now.  It wasn't uploaded when 2.0 launched but it's all there now, with its full edit history.

And finally, the web site works correctly on mobile.  There was a minor change needed to make phones detect it as mobile-friendly.

That's it for now.  Remember to tell me which languages you'd like to see supported in 2.1.  You can either e-mail me or post in this Reddit discussion.

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