Natural Docs 1.4 release candidate 3
March 13th, 2008

Yet another release candidate.  Mostly this fixes various language parsing issues:

  • Allow generics in base classes in C#.

  • Allow angle brackets in function names in C# to support explicitly implementing generic interfaces.

  • Allow * as ActionScript function return type.

  • Fixed enum property parsing in Languages.txt, which fixes enum handling in C#, Java, JavaScript, VB, and Ruby.

  • Allow $, #, and _ before "as" or "is" in PL/SQL prototypes.

  • Allow _ before "is" in Ada prototypes.

There's also a few minor changes such as being able to put * or _ immediately before or after links, such as *<link>*.  "operator" and "operators" are now keywords for functions, and it won't stop with an error message if it can't open extensionless files, which is useful in case Natural Docs mistakenly tries to open a system file it shouldn't be looking at.

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