Natural Docs 1.4 release candidate
December 7th, 2007

I found some time to tie up the loose ends of the development releases.  I now consider the latest one to be a release candidate for 1.4.  It has a few bug fixes and tweaks, plus I reverted some of the more arbitrary CSS changes so the people who stuck with 1.35 won't have to update any custom styles as drastically.

C# support is much improved.  Since I'm obviously using it more I keep running into the places where it was deficient, mainly because it was originally written for the 1.1 language specification.  I added support for enums (why didn't I have this before?) static classes, generics, and fixed the using statement support, though it still doesn't support aliases.  It's enough to get by, a more comprehensive update will have to wait.

Beat up on this one so we can finally put the development releases to bed for the people who have been patiently waiting for a stable one.

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