February 10th development release
February 10th, 2007

So all the major features of 1.4 are done now.  Image support is finally completed.  You can use -img [directory] on the command line to specify where images are stored, rather than putting them in your source tree and having relative paths from the source files.  If you do keep the images there, you can use -img */[directory] to specify relative paths as well, so -img */images means you can just write (see image.jpg) instead of (see images/image.jpg).  You can even back up with ../ so long as it doesn't back out of the source tree specified with -i altogether.

ActionScript 3 support is done too.  Custom namespaces are supported and affect scope, meaning you have to link to them with <class.namespace.function>.

There's a minor tweak in that underscores are supported in image links.  They're also supported in e-mail addresses and URLs that appear without brackets.

Consider this a release candidate for all the major features.  There will be one more development release (hopefully not three months from now) with some minor tweaks to other things that will serve as the proper release candidate.  If no issues pop up with that it will be stamped 1.4.

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