November 19th development release
November 19th, 2006

Another development release is finally done.

Search is done.  The most important thing is that it works with framed HTML now.  It's also much more structurally sound behind the scenes so it doesn't fall back to completely reloading the results frame nearly as often, making it faster.  I fixed the IE issue of results not expanding correctly if two of them only differ in case.  There are some smaller tweaks but that's the important stuff.

In C++, struct prototypes now format nicely like function prototypes do, provided you didn't document any of the members individually.  Many people were asking for that.  Also, enum constants are now scoped correctly.

If you put an image reference in the middle of a paragraph instead of on its own line, it will now appear after the paragraph instead of becoming a pop-up.  The file name becomes a caption and the reference in the paragraph links to it.

Fixed a bug in the development releases where links would appear with their brackets in tooltips.  Fixed a bug in all releases where file names would sometimes get cut down to just their extension in the menu.  If Natural Docs automatically adds a file name heading to your output file, it won't include part of the path anymore.  Fixed a crash bug in

That's it.  We're almost done with this process so it will hopefully be tied up and stamped 1.4 soon.

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