Natural Docs 1.35 released
March 20th, 2005

Another bug fix release, nothing exciting.  Sorry if I've been less responsive than usual in responding to e-mail, bugs, and forum posts, I'm still adjusting to a new job.

I tweaked the definition list syntax so now the first line of the list can't be after a plain text line.  The line above it has to be blank or something else like a heading.  This should cut down on the number of false positives that happen, so accidentally including a " - " in the middle of a sentence will be less likely to screw up the output.  It's still not perfect, but it sucks less.

Fixed merging with full language support.  Now you can document something with parenthesis (like MyFunction(2) or MyFunction(int, int)) and it will still match correctly in the output.  Also, you can document with partial names (like "Class: MyClass" for Package.​Package.​MyClass) and it will do the same.  These were already supported with basic language support.

Fixed a SymbolTable crash that I think only happens if you're using full language support with -do.

Plenty of fixes for some of the more obscure Perl language elements.  You'll no longer have problems when using $/ and $?, prototypes that end in $), or regular expressions that use # as the delimiter.  Also added support for here doc syntax such as <<EOF.

Corrected minor spacing issues on prototypes with grayed out type prefixes.

Indexes won't be added to the Don't Index line in the menu file if you delete the file itself.

Files that start with a dot but don't otherwise have an extension will be treated as extensionless.

The percentages in status messages will be correct when using multiple output directories.

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