Natural Docs 1.13 released
September 25th, 2003

Many fixes to report.  First off, tabs are now expanded correctly in text diagrams and example code.  It defaults to four spaces, which is the default for most programs like Visual C++, but you can change it with the -t option.

The e-mail obfuscation has been improved.  Although links to e-mail addresses still look and act like normal links, they should be even more secure against spam crawlers.  Mailto: links are now supported as well, although there's no need to add mailto: at all.

Links to URLs with = signs in them will now be correctly recognized as such.

Fixed problems with function prototypes being truncated in Pascal, Delphi, and Ada.  Prototypes will also use the nicer formatting in those languages, as well as in TSQL when there aren't parenthesis around the parameters.

Support for Tcl has been added.

Finally, the parser has been improved.  It should be slightly faster and much more memory efficient.

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