Comments in Plain English
Natural, Readable Syntax

Natural Docs' syntax is designed to be very natural looking, almost transparent.  The comments in the source code read just as easily as the generated documentation.

/* Function: MyFunction

This is how you document your function in Natural Docs. <Links> are just
in angle brackets, and you can use *bold* and _underline_.


param1 - This is how you make a heading and describe your function

param2 - Text is formatted in a natural, readable way.


--- C#
string x = "You can embed code examples easily";
string y = "and they'll show up with syntax highlighting.";

- There's also bullet lists.

- And more formatting options than can be shown here.

There's more things you can do than just what's shown here.  Our Getting Started Guide will bring you up to speed in no time.


Natural Docs can work with almost any programming language, even ones it wasn't designed for.  It comes configured for 21 languages out of the box, and can be easily extended for more.

If your project uses more than one programming language its no problem.  They can both be included in the same set of documentation.

For certain languages Natural Docs can also read Javadoc and Microsoft XML comments, incorporating your existing documentation without you having to rewrite it.


Natural Docs comes configured with a lot of keywords so you can use whatever seems most natural to you.  Want to add your own?  You can create your own keywords and comment types to document whatever you want.

Sometimes you want to document something that doesn't correspond directly to a code element, like a file format.  Natural Docs lets you do that too by putting documentation in standalone comments and text files.