The old version of this web site had a link where you could donate money to support Natural Docs.  I'm doing fine financially these days so if you want to make me happy you can do two things instead.

The first is to just tell me what you use Natural Docs for.  I've been doing this for a long time and it's not a sexy area of software development so it's nice to hear about all the different ways it's being used and that it's appreciated.

The second thing you can do is take that $20 or whatever you were going to give me and donate it to one of these charities instead:

This is my recommendation.  Sanctuary for Families provides counseling, legal services, shelter, and more to victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking.  They have helped countless people escape abuse and put their lives back together, even providing job training so they can be self-sufficient.  I work here, and from what I've seen first-hand I can tell you the people and the work they do are phenomenal.

If for whatever reason you choose not to give to them I support these charities as well:

City Harvest collects surplus food from bakeries, catering companies, stadiums, and many other places and delivers it for free to soup kitchens and food pantries.  I love that it's preventing perfectly good food from going to waste, and that you're getting so much out of your dollar because your donations aren't even paying for the food, just the trucks and logistics to make it all happen.

Doctors Without Borders provides emergency medical care to people in countries affected by natural disaster, war, or disease outbreaks, often going into areas other organizations deem too dangerous.

Partners In Health builds hospitals and other permanent medical facilities in underdeveloped nations, working to raise the baseline level of health care instead of just responding to emergencies.  Partners In Health and Doctors Without Borders form a nice yin and yang of global health, tackling the same problem from opposite angles.  Which one to give to?  Why not both?

Donating Towards Full Language Support

The donate links on this page go to Natural Docs campaign pages on CrowdRise.  When donating there you can use the notes field to vote for which programming language should get full support next.  There's no exact formula between regular votes and donations that determines it, but the languages that have raised a lot for charity are much more likely to be next in line.  I provide this as an additional incentive to donate.

None of the money donated this way goes to me, it just lets me track what was donated.  Everything still goes directly to the charity.