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 Activate, SearchPanel
 Add, NaturalDocs::Builder
 AddAndRemoveIndexes, NaturalDocs::Menu
 AddAutoTopic, NaturalDocs::Languages::Advanced
 AddChild, NaturalDocs::ClassHierarchy::Class
 AddDoubleSpaces, NaturalDocs::Builder::HTMLBase
 AddError, NaturalDocs::ConfigFile
 AddHiddenBreaks, NaturalDocs::Builder::HTMLBase
 AddImageFileReference, NaturalDocs::Project
 AddPackageDelineators, NaturalDocs::Parser
 AddParameter, NaturalDocs::Languages::Prototype
 AddToClassHierarchy, NaturalDocs::Parser
 AddToCodeBlock, NaturalDocs::Parser::Native
 AddToScopeRecord, NaturalDocs::Languages::Advanced
 AfterParameters, NaturalDocs::Languages::Prototype
 AllIndexableTypes, NaturalDocs::Topics
 AnalyzeWatchedFileChanges, NaturalDocs::SourceDB
 AppURL, NaturalDocs::Settings
 AppVersion, NaturalDocs::Settings
 AutoPlaceNewFiles, NaturalDocs::Menu
 AutoTopics, NaturalDocs::Languages::Advanced
this.Activate = function(isActive,
Activates or deactivates the search panel, resetting things to their default values if necessary.
sub Add #(package)
Adds an output package to those available for use.
sub AddAndRemoveIndexes
Automatically adds and removes index entries on the menu as necessary.
sub AddAutoTopic #(topic)
Adds a NaturalDocs::Parser::ParsedTopic to AutoTopics().
sub AddChild #(child)
Adds a child SymbolString to the class.
sub AddClass #(file,
Adds a class to the hierarchy.
sub AddClass #(class)
Adds a rew class SymbolString to the file.
sub AddDefinition #(file)
Adds a rew definition of this class and returns if that was the first definition.
sub AddDefinition #(
   ExtensionID extension,
   string itemString,
   FileName file,
   optional NaturalDocs::SourceDB::ItemDefinition definition
) => bool
Adds a definition to an item.
sub AddDefinition #(
   FileName file,
   optional NaturalDocs::SourceDB::ItemDefinition definition
) => bool
Adds a definition for the passed FileName.
sub AddDefinition #(ExtensionID extension,
string itemString,
NaturalDocs::SourceDB::ItemDefinition definition) => bool
Adds a definition for the passed item string.
sub AddDefinition #(file)
Adds a reference definition.
sub AddDefinition #(file,
Adds a symbol definition.
sub AddDoubleSpaces #(text)
Adds second spaces after the appropriate punctuation with   so they show up in HTML.
sub AddError #(message,
Stores an error for the current configuration file.
sub AddHiddenBreaks #(string)
Adds hidden breaks to symbols.
sub AddImageFileReference #(FileName imageFile)
Adds a reference to the passed image FileName.
sub AddInterpretation #(referenceString,
Adds an interpretation to an existing reference.
sub AddInterpretation #(symbol,
Adds a symbol that this reference can be interpreted as.
sub AddItem #(ExtensionID extension,
string itemString,
NaturalDocs::SourceDB::Item item) => bool
Adds the passed item to the database.
sub AddItem #(ExtensionID extension,
string itemString) => bool
Adds an item to this file.
sub AddPackageDelineators
Adds section and class topics to make sure the package is correctly represented in the documentation.
sub AddParameter #(parameter)
Adds a NaturalDocs::Languages::Prototype::Parameter to the list.
sub AddParentReference #(file,
resolvingFlags) or (file, class, reference)
Adds a class-parent relationship to the hierarchy.
sub AddParentReference #(reference,
Adds a parent reference to the class and return whether it resulted in a new parent class.
sub AddParentReference #(class,
Adds a parent ReferenceString to a class SymbolString.
sub AddReference #(FileName file,
string referenceText)
Adds a new image reference.
sub AddReference
Increases the number of references to this image file by one.
sub AddReference #(type,
resolvingFlags) or (referenceString, file)
Adds a reference to the table, if it doesn’t already exist.
sub AddReference #(referenceString)
Adds a reference definition.
sub AddReference #(referenceString,
Adds a reference that can be interpreted as this symbol.
sub AddSymbol #(symbol,
Adds a symbol definition to the table, if it doesn’t already exist.
sub AddSymbol #(symbol)
Adds a SymbolString definition.
sub AddToClassHierarchy
Adds any class topics to the class hierarchy, since they may not have been called with OnClass() if they didn’t match up to an auto-topic.
sub AddToCodeBlock #(line,
Adds a line of text to a code block, handling all the indentation processing required.
sub AddToScopeRecord #(newScope,
Adds a change to the scope record, condensing unnecessary entries.
sub AddUsing #(using)
Adds a Using SymbolString to the current scope.
sub AddUsing #(using)
Adds a SymbolString to the Using() array.
Returns the part of the prototype after the parameter list, if any.
sub AllIndexableTypes
Returns an array of all possible indexable TopicTypes.
sub AnalyzeChanges
Checks the watched file for any changes that occured since the last time is was parsed, and updates the hierarchy as necessary.
sub AnalyzeChanges
Handles any changes found when reparsing a file using WatchFileForChanges().
sub AnalyzeWatchedFileChanges
Analyzes the watched file for changes.
sub AppURL
Returns a string of the project’s current web address.
sub AppVersion
Returns Natural Docs’ version number as an integer.
sub AutoPlaceNewFiles #(fileInMenu)
Adds files to the menu that aren’t already on it, attempting to guess where they belong.
sub AutoTopics
Returns the arrayref of automatically generated topics, or undef if none.